Syndlab Software Application Review and Bonus

Syndlab Review and Bonus

Hey guys, it’s David Miller here and I wanted to write up a quick and honest review of Syndlab Software.  Syndlab is the latest creation from fellow online marketer Joshua Zamora and if you are reading this, you are probably at least a little bit familiar with the product and what it does.  But who knows, maybe you are not familiar with it at all, so in case that is the instance I will explain what it does, give you an overview of my experience working with it and let you know if I consider it a good investment.

So What Exactly Is SyndLab?

Syndlab is a brand new web application that lets you syndicate your content across 40+ networks and receive FAST page 1 rankings.  I have used the application to rank small low competition niche sites and rank local videos for clients to help draw leads for their business.  Another benefit of the software is the ability to use it as a content management and distribution platform.  You can have your content spread across dozens of networks within a few minutes.  It really is an awesome time saver.

Posting your content on social networks with Syndlab can make your content go viral quickly.  I personally recommend picking up the WordPress plugin that they offer you.  It will make things much easier.  With the plugin installed, any new or old post can be set up for immediate syndication whenever you make a new post on your blog.  The plugin will automatically connect to your Syndlab account and post your new content to more than 40 new platforms.

This is the exact strategy that I used to rank my low competition niche sites for my targeted keywords.  I deal mainly with local clients using a rank and rent strategy and this worked really well for me.  I also used the Syndlab plugin on a blog that had been sitting on my server for more than two years without updating any content.  I installed the plugin, ran Syndlab on an old post and waited for the results.

The blog was already ranking for my targeted keywords but what I was interested in was the traffic.  Syndlab was able to revive my site and bring in some fresh visitors from the social media platforms that it syndicated to.  I did this for 5 separate posts and the traffic to my site increased by an average of 170 visitors each week.  That is an extra 680 visitors for the month just by submitting my old posts through the application.  I don’t know of any easier way to bring in extra traffic than that.

When you get really comfortable using the software you can actually take it to the next level by creating multi-tiered campaigns to boost up the link juice.  This will improve your results exponentially and I definitely recommend using this tactic for medium level keywords.  Doing this will push your niche sites higher in the search results.

My Syndlab Review:   Do I Recommend The Product?

So far my experience with Syndlab has been very positive it works really well for me and saves me money because I don’t have to outsource the syndication with Fiverr and Konker gigs.  Do I recommend that you buy it?  Well that depends on what you are trying to use it for.

If you are trying to rank in a really competitive niche, Syndlab will help with your backlinking strategy and can give you a fast and easy way to mix up your anchor texts but it is not going to rank you on page one all by itself with stiff competition.  You are going to need to use the software and then hit your site with quality links from PBN’s in order to rank for tough keywords.

However, if you focus on local markets and keywords with easy to medium competition then you can’t beat this software.  Another aspect that I like is that the program is cloud based and is not taking up a lot of space on my computer and using up all of the memory.  It runs on auto pilot each time I make a new blog post.  It is set and forget.  (Until I remember to check on my keywords and see that my video or post is now on the first page)  🙂

I have only had to use them twice but the support that Synlab has for their software is fantastic.  They responded very quickly both times (within a couple hours) and resolved my problem on the first try.  Actually, it was more of a user error than a software error which I am sure happens most of the time.

Here is my overall recommendation for the Syndlab application…



My Syndlab Bonuses

If you decide that Syndlab is right for you then I recommend using the link below to make your purchase.  For doing so, you will receive several extra bonuses that I will personally send out to you.  The Syndlab bonus content that you will receive includes:

Syndlab Bonus #1

Google Position Checker  –  $297 Value

This is the software that I use to track all of my money sites and my client’s sites in Google.  It works really well and will not only track your site and keywords but will let you know who your top competitors are in the market for your selected keywords.  This software has saved me thousands of dollars over the years because it does not have a monthly fee unlike some of the other Google rank checking services out on the market.  Purchase Syndlab through the link below and this software will be sent to you as a bonus absolutely free.

Here is a screenshot of the Google Position Checker software in action:






About Joshua Zamora – The Creator Behind Syndlab

Joshua Zamora is a professional internet marketer and has been in the industry several years now.  He has had several successful product launches throughout his career and has created more than 20 products and software including Social Robot and Web Detective.





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